Friday, December 03, 2010

You have been pre-rejected!

Welcome to the Hospital.  By the way, you have been pre-rejected, so don't even think about trying to make a permanent friend while here.   You're not THAT special.   Oh, have a nice day....

I'm simply articulating the implicit message sent to every patient by the hospital.   Kind of like "Thou shalt not eat popcorn during the sermon."

We may smile at you,  but don't think for a moment it's because we want to be friends.  You must not be from around here...  Hospitals are places where friendship is not expected, nor desired.

We do NOT want your letters,  phone calls, or invites to your backyard barbecue.   We do NOT want to exchange phone numbers.  We are not that kind of people.  

Well, actually, we ARE that kind of people,  JUST NOT WITH YOU!

Now,  how are we feeling today?  Better?

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